• Project 562 Kickstarter

    Our 2014 Kickstarter campaign that attracted 3,882 backers to raise $213,461 dollars. We are so grateful for the support, our hands are raised!

  • Ted Talk

    Surviving Disappearance, Re-Imagining & Humanizing Native Peoples: Matika Wilbur at TEDxSeattle

  • Project 562 Road Story: Regis Cook, Onandoga

  • Project 562 Road Story: Joanne Shannendoah

    Project 562 visits with Joanne Shannendoah: a singer, composer and acoustic guitarist the Oneida Nation, part of the Haudenosaunee.

  • Project 562 Road Stories: Warren Montoya

    Project 562 visits with Santa Ana Pueblo artist Warren Montoya.

  • Project 562 Road Stoires: Pueblo Bread

    Ever heard of Pueblo bread? It's delicious...

  • Project 562: Journey To Alaska

    This film is a recent road journal that follows an anti-suicide voyage through Alaska documented by Deidre Peaches in collaboration Project 562.

  • Project 562 & The Tacoma Art Museum

    Recap of the Project 562 inaugural exhibition at The Tacoma Art Museum on May 17, 2014.

  • Road Stories, Volume 1

    Project 562 Road Stories allow the viewer unique access, and insight into the daily doing's of Project 562 road life.

  • Road Stories, Volume 2

    Project 562 visits the N'kwusm Salish Emersion School in Arlee, Montana.

  • Road Stories, Volume 3

    Project 562 heads home for some family bonding with the Gobin Family Weavers.

  • B.Yellowtail for Project 562

    Bethany Yellowtail- fashion designer from the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Tribe has created three, limited edition couture pieces for Project 562.

  • B.Yellowtail For Project 562

    Gina breaks it down for Project 562 in B.Yellowtail designs.

  • Project 562 Road Story: Hawaii, Farming and GMO's

    Project 562 visited the beautiful island of Kauai where we talked story with traditional Kalo farmer John Aana and activist, Josh Mori.

  • Why Project 562 is Necessary

    Can we change this experience?

  • Indigenous Women Rise in Eureka

    In Eureka's streets, we join hands with Indigenous women from Karuk, Hupa, Yurok, Wiyot, and Tolowa-Diné.

  • San Francisco Two-Spirit Powwow

    Native American's discuss gender identity at the largest Two Spirit pow wow in the nation.

  • The Longest Walk

    These runners and walkers will cross twelve states, eighteen mountain ranges and touch down in 54 tribal communities.

  • Water Protectors Attacked

    DAPL security officers unleash viscious dogs and pepper spray on unarmed women, children, elderly and men.

  • Native Students on Trump's Election

    Native American students at Gonzaga respond to Donald Trump's election